Meet the Founders of Fast Forward Austin


Robert Honstein, Steven Snowden, and Ian Dicke are the founders of the young, successful, contemporary classical music festival Fast Forward Austin. They are also all very talented composers in their own right, who met while pursuing doctorates in music composition at the University of Texas at Austin. According to the Fast Forward Austin website, the showcase provides “an eclectic mix of cutting-edge, genre-bending music that fearlessly straddles the borders of pop, classical and experimental music.”

Ian, Steven, Robert, and I talked a bit about the birth of Fast Forward Austin, what it means to be composer/curators, and the 2013 marathon event Saturday, April 6 at the Scottish Rite Theater.

This interview was recorded the week before the FFA 2013 festival, on KVRX Austin ( FFA 2013 featured composer Tristan Perich was also in the studio, and even joined in on the conversation a bit towards the end!

For more on Fast Forward Austin:

Music featured:
Track 5 (untitled) – Weird Weeds – s/t
Black – Sqwonk – composed by Mark Mellitts



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