Announcing New Project: Settling the Score

GOOD NEWS everybody!!!!!!

Announcing the feature series of Nuts and Bolts Music’s 2013-2014 season, Settling the Score: a “techniques” class for radio. Each episode is an informal conversation about the performance practice, history, and famous excerpts of one instrument, moving by score order. The series starts Monday, September 16, with flute/piccolo. It’ll be on KVRX (of course), streaming live at and in Austin on 91.7FM. Guests will include esteemed flautists Marley Eder, Brendan Ryan, and Lauryn Gould.

"Oh hey there origami crane it's just me Lauryn chilling in the woods with my flute"

“Oh hey there origami crane it’s just me Lauryn chilling in the woods with my flute”


What’s going to happen exactly? Could be a live performance…could be bad viola jokes…could be me trying to make sounds happen on a borrowed flute (which will not go very well)…possibilities abound!

Who is this for? It’s for you. No matter whether you’re a composer, performer, listener, music novice, or have no idea what the fuck a flute is, this is for you. It will be informal, it will be funny, it will be educational, and it will maybe even make you cry. But probably not.

The final episode (TBA) will be accompanied by a live concert/benefit where CDs of the collected podcasts of the series will be distributed.



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