When we last left our heroes…Catch up from 10/7

Time for some catch up from our show last Monday, 10/7 from 7-8pm on KVRX Austin! We featured the radio premiere of UT graduate student composer Alex Heppelmann‘s “Promethei Terra”, as well as a sort of brief overview of new music and discussions from the national classical scene.

We also played a brief interview with UT New Music Ensemble conductor and artistic director as well as UT composition faculty member, Dan Welcher, about how to approach listening to not only Alex Heppelmann’s “Promethei Terra,” but any New Music Ensemble concert. If you missed the interview on air, we have an extended video of it right here!

Playlist from 10/7

Vijay Iyer: In honor of the premiere of jazz pianist and arranger Vijay Iyer’s big jazz band piece, Open City, at Montclair State University on October 4th, we played a short prelude of his. Really sad to have missed this premiere but fellow jazz big band overlord Darcy James Argue puts the piece into context well in a few tweets (@darcyjamesargue):

Tweets from Darcy James Argue on the premiere of Vijay Iyer's Open City.

Tweets from Darcy James Argue on the premiere of Vijay Iyer’s Open City.

Daniel Wohl: I cannot get enough of electroacoustic composer Daniel Wohl’s new album, Corps Exquis, for new music ensemble TRANSIT released on New Amsterdam Records.  The piece we played, Insext, screeches its way to an irresistible transcendental climax.

Mark-Anthony Turnage: Poor Mark-Anthony Turnage is getting a bit of hate lately for the New York City Opera’s production of his Anna Nicole Smith opera. As you may or may not know, the New York City Opera has recently declared that they are flat-out broke and have been for a few years. In response to which many people (*cough NY TIMES cough*) are voicing the opinion that producing risque operas is probably not a smart move right now. So I decided to show the man some love by playing his orchestral song cycle “Some Days.”

Aaron Jay Kernis: Speaking of financial troubles, October has also been a bad month for the Minnesota Orchestra. After a year of bitter labor disputes between administration and performers, celebrated artistic director and conductor Osmo Vanska has announced his resignation. As has Aaron Jay Kernis, former director of the Minnesota Orchestra Composer Institute.

Verdi: Verdi is 200 now so I guess that is a big deal.

Photos from CLUTCH 2013-2014 Season Opening Concert

On the same day and time as our radio show, October 7th at 7:30pm, CLUTCH (Collective Labors of the University of Texas Composition Hub) had the first concert of their 2013-2014 season, featuring all new premieres of works by UT student composers. Nuts and Bolts contributor Steve Sachse took these wonderful photos.






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