Settling the Score Ep. 2 – Oboe/English Horn

Moving our way on down score order for our second episode of Settling the Score, all about the oboe and english horn! Our friend Bethany Lawrence joins myself and co-host Franklin Piland in the studio to play some beautiful excerpts and explain a bit of the history of these weird instruments. Most importantly, I learned why the oboe always tunes the orchestra, and I play an oboe reed for the first time and almost cry because it feels so weird (seriously you guys, it buzzes your lips like crazy).

Also, this didn’t make it into the podcast, but we did get a tweet asking Bethany to “PLAY FREEBIRD!” and she almost does it. So, y’know, tweet us @nutsandboltsmus.

Settling the Score, the feature series of Nuts and Bolts Music’s 2013-2014 season, is a “techniques” class for radio. Each episode is an informal conversation about the performance practice, history, and famous excerpts of one instrument, moving by score order. The final episode (TBA) will be accompanied by a live concert/benefit where CDs of the collected podcasts of the series will be distributed.

Original air date: Monday, October 14


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