Visual Artist Yuliya Lanina on Collaboration

Visual artist Yuliya Lanina joins us for a conversation about collaboration. Yuliya’s Arcadian Rhapsody is currently on display at the Women and Their Work Gallery. We talk about the event Arcadian Jam at the gallery where Yuliya’s animations, sculptures, displays, and paintings were complemented by a reading of poetry by Lisa Olstein, and a performance of Donald Grantham’s Lascivious Love Songs by vocalist Kathryn Findlen and pianist Charlie Magnone. Yuliya is beginning the process of working on a multimedia opera in collaboration with composer Yevgeniy Sharlat and libretto by Lisa Olstein.

Original air date: Monday January 27th, 2014 on Nuts and Bolts Music on KVRX in Austin.

Watch “Mama,” with characters, sets, story, editing by Yuliya Lanina; Music by Russell Pinkston; Camera by Sergei Krasikau.

Watch an excerpt from “Theme and Variations,” music by Olivier Messiaen, performance by Tatiana Berman (violin), Irina Botan (piano).


Photo of “Mama” at Arcadian Rhapsody, on display now at Women and Their Work gallery in Austin.


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