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April in Austin: The NaB Concert Guide

April is apparently THE month for new music in Austin. It is also THE month for end-of-the-school-year stress for those of us still in school (i.e. pretty much all of the NaB staff). There are a lot of big events that we want to cover this month on the blog and we want to do […]

gnarwhallaby & Nicholas Deyoe (AKA “The gnarwhallaview”)

Catch a rare glimpse at the elusive gnarwhallaby! gnarwhallaby (Matt Barbier, trombones; Richard Valitutto, keyboards; Derek Stein, violoncello; Brian Walsh, clarinets) is a Los Angeles-based quartet which formed in 2011 to revive and perform repertoire composed for their unique instrumentation. I met the group at the Creating New Music Workshop led by David Lang and […]

New Music, New Voices: Robert Honstein and the Mivos Quartet

(From November 15th-20th, I had the opportunity to participate in David Lang’s: “Creating New Music” workshop as an arts journalist.  Since I don’t currently have my own blog, Joelle Zigman agreed to let me guest post on Nuts and Bolts Music.  Thanks Joelle!) New Music, New Voices: Robert Honstein and the Mivos Quartet by Jane […]

Backstage Pass: Diving into Carnegie Hall

  “[I want to see participants] daring to be optimistic…It’s not very fashionable to be optimistic, it’s fashionable to be a pessimist, to be disenfranchised.  I don’t find that very interesting. I find it much more interesting, much more difficult, but much more interesting to be idealistic about things. And to…and to dream.” – Claire […]

La Follia Austin Baroque: Consort Music of William Byrd

James Brown, viola de gamba expert of La Follia Austin Baroque, talks to Nuts and Bolts Music contributor Corey Cunningham about their October 5th-6th concert of the instrumental music of 17th century English composer, William Byrd. Though the Byrd is most often associated with sacred and secular polyphony, in particular the English patriotic “Anthem,” Mr. […]

100 Tubas: SoundSpace at the Blanton Pictures

Last sunday, 100 tubas gathered together at the Rapoport Atrium of the Blanton Museum of Art in Austin to perform Anthony Braxton’s Composition No. 19. It was 40 minutes of glory. The theme for the sixth edition of the SoundSpace series at the Blanton Museum of Art, curated by trombonist Steven Parker, was graphic notation: […]

Celebrating 10 Years of Richard Buckley at ALO

Richard Buckley is celebrating his tenth anniversary as a artistic director and conductor of the Austin Lyric Opera. His position in the community is established to the point where the city of Austin officially declared October 17th, 2013 Maestro Richard Buckley Day. Nuts and Bolts contributor John Michael Hunt tracked down the Maestro to talk […]