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Picardy Learning Interview

Cassie Shankman, Paul Marbach, and Hermes Camacho, three of the founders of the Picardy Learning software for developing musicianship skills, join Nuts and Bolts Music in the KVRX studio to talk about the product, which fills a much needed gap in an area of music teaching that is in need of a reboot. The software […]

Interview with Frank Ticheli

Wind band music is something many composers, particularly those of us studying in Texas, feel a special bond with. Whether it is because we grew up and cut our teeth playing in the ensemble in school, or because we believe in its potential to be a uniquely American rival the orchestra, it is an ensemble […]

Settling the Score Ep. 1 – Flute/Piccolo

The first episode of Settling the Score all about the flute and piccolo! We talk to esteemed UT graduate flautist Brendan Ryan while Joelle complains about how hard it is to play an instrument without resistance and attempts to make a beautiful flute tone (hint: breathe). Settling the Score, the feature series of Nuts and […]

A Day at the Texas Music Museum

Nuts and Bolts Music has a huge hard on for the Texas Music Museum. It all started with a trip Tuesday morning to the Austin branch of the¬†Foundation Center, on E. 11th street, to research grants (you can read all about why Foundation Centers are so awesome in our post about music business and money, […]

International Association for the Study of Popular Music – US Conference 2013

The weekend of March 1-3, Nuts and Bolts Music had visited the 2013 US conference of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music, held at the University of Texas at Austin, where over a hundred members present papers on topics ranging wildly from Madonna to heavy metal in Pakistan. IASPM is interdisciplinary organization […]

Imagining America – IASPM 2013 Video Teaser

This weekend I adventured into the wild world of popular music studies for three days of panels and presentations at the 2013 International Association for the Study of Popular Music USA Conference at the University of Texas at Austin, March 1-3rd. In this video I asked the panelists of “Imagining America,” Friday morning, March 1st, […]

Houston Arts Partners Conference 2012

I love Houston, TX. It’s a city that is big and sprawling and full of oil money and huge medical centers and capitalism. It’s classy and sophisticated, which leads to heavy investment in the high arts like the ballet, the symphony, and the opera. But it’s also recently majority-minority, segregated, multi-racial, diverse. It’s a city […]