One Ounce Opera founding director Julie Fiore joins us in studio with members Patricia Combs and Christina Flores to do some live holiday caroling(ish), talk about the opera landscape today, opine the similarities between metal and classical music, and start the revolution that will soon be known worldwide as Food Truck Dinner Theater. Get to […]

Composer and choral expert Joshua Shank joins us to share a playlist of excellent holiday choral music, and talk about the holiday choral tradition. How do you keep from feeling limited as a choral director by HAVING to put on a “holiday” concert every freaking December? Why are there so many choirs in Minnesota? And […]

Catch a rare glimpse at the elusive gnarwhallaby! gnarwhallaby (Matt Barbier, trombones; Richard Valitutto, keyboards; Derek Stein, violoncello; Brian Walsh, clarinets) is a Los Angeles-based quartet which formed in 2011 to revive and perform repertoire composed for their unique instrumentation. I met the group at the Creating New Music Workshop led by David Lang and […]

NaB contributor Cassie Shankman takes over the radio for a day to talk to the UT Guitar Quartet about extended techniques of playing guitar, doing up your nails, the ensemble repertoire, and juggling. They also give a few live performances in the studio! The University of Texas Guitar Quartet was formed in fall 2011 under […]

Kevin Puts finds his way back to Austin, TX for the premiere of his new work for the Miro Quartet & UT Symphony Orchestra. Before the concert on Wednesday, December 4th, Mr. Puts took some time to sit down with us and talk honestly and casually about wellness as a composer; the touring life; overworking; […]

(From November 15th-20th, I had the opportunity to participate in David Lang’s: “Creating New Music” workshop as an arts journalist.  Since I don’t currently have my own blog, Joelle Zigman agreed to let me guest post on Nuts and Bolts Music.  Thanks Joelle!) New Music, New Voices: Robert Honstein and the Mivos Quartet by Jane […]

  “[I want to see participants] daring to be optimistic…It’s not very fashionable to be optimistic, it’s fashionable to be a pessimist, to be disenfranchised.  I don’t find that very interesting. I find it much more interesting, much more difficult, but much more interesting to be idealistic about things. And to…and to dream.” – Claire […]